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When you run into legal problems that threaten your future as a licensed driver, it doesn’t pay to go it alone.

Prominent Florida attorney Jeffrey S. Grossman and his top team of traffic ticket lawyers at Ticket & License Center are ready to rally to your aid, defending speeding tickets, traffic violations, DUIs, and various criminal matters.

As a trusted legal resource since 2004, we’ve earned our clients’ confidence by representing their interests and getting results in over 100,000 traffic and criminal cases. With our in-depth knowledge of Florida statutes and traffic court procedures, we’re able to pursue proven courses of action that frequently result in cases getting dismissed or settled in a way that protects your driving record.

At every step along the way, the Ticket & License Center makes life easy for our clients.

We do it by:

  • Eliminating the need for you to physically appear in court whenever possible
  • Keeping you in the loop but away from the stress
  • Explaining options in plain English, Spanish or French (our staff is bilingual)
  • Charging reasonable upfront fees for your defense
  • Offering convenient payment methods including cash, credit, debit card, or Cash app.

When you know the rules, the players and the legal strategies that make things happen, the keys to success are in your corner. Trust the team at Ticket & License Center to provide the specialized knowledge and legal support that creates a strong foundation for favorable outcomes. We’re here to go to court for you … and to bat for you.

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