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Getting a traffic ticket may trigger an impulse in you to quickly pay the fine and move on. It’s a common reaction to think that taking the path of least resistance is the best choice for avoiding further problems and penalties. Too bad it’s not that simple.

Florida drivers who choose not to contest their ticket and pay the assessed fine are submitting an admission of guilt that may result in points on their driving records. Paying the fine may also cause automobile insurance rates to increase and could result in suspended driver licenses.


*Over 100,000 Tickets Resolved With No Points and No Traffic School

Florida Traffic Ticket?   You Have Two Choices.

Fight It

Our experienced traffic ticket lawyers will handle everything

You won’t have to appear in court

No missed work or school

100% money back guarantee to get no points on driving record *conditions apply

Pay It

You will be found guilty automatically

“Safe Driver” status lost with conviction on record

3-4 points assessed to driver’s license

Driving school may be required

Car insurance may increase


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At Ticket & License Center, we believe that in the majority of cases it is in your best interest to fight a traffic citation or red light ticket in court. Our experienced and dedicated team of legal professionals has a long track record of positive results in representing Florida drivers.
Four South Florida locations: three in Broward and one in Miami-Dade, we offer:

In-Depth Knowledge

of Florida statutes, rules of traffic court, rules of criminal procedure and all pertinent case law.

Aggressive Defense Strategies

for attaining dismissal of the matter. If a dismissal is not obtainable, we strive to resolve all cases with no fines, the least amount of court costs, and no points on your driving record.

Reliable Represenatation

that frees you from having to go to court. Our traffic lawyers will go in your place, enter a not guilty plea on your behalf, and take care of everything.

Affordable Fees

that start at $30 for handling a traffic citation in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach Counties and only slightly more beyond.

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